Barbecue, like many regional cuisines with expansive histories, has many different styles with cult-like followings. As the Washington Post reports:

"There are two styles of barbecue in [North Carolina]. Eastern style is whole hog spiked with a thin vinegar-pepper sauce. Its coleslaw, an essential side dish and sandwich topping, is creamy ... Whether whole hog or shoulder, the meat is cooked slowly over coals from hardwood (usually oak, but sometimes hickory) incinerated in a burn barrel by a pitman who shovels the embers 16 to 20 inches beneath the meat."

Buxton Hall Barbecue smokes its hogs Eastern NC style, low and slow for 18 hours over hardwood coals, infused with vinegar mop, a Moss family recipe.

We look for the good stuff from local farms: Vandele Farms, Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Gaining Ground Farm, Wild Turkey Farms, Ten Mile Farm, Paper Crane Farm, Farm and Sparrow, Farm to Home Milk, and many others.


Our menu, specials, sides & desserts change seasonally, with our dinner menu changing daily. Although we try to keep it updated online, it may not be the most current version so please do call us if you have specific questions!